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  • Who is eligible for membership?
    Emerging, female leaders who have gained initial leadership experience managing small teams.
  • What does it mean to be a faith-based organization?
    Our mission and vision centers around Christian principles. The competencies we teach and our approach to leadership training is based on the Christian faith.
  • How do I qualify for membership?
    Cornerstone for Women Leaders is a members-only community that serves women who are leaders. Individuals are eligible for membership if they are in a position of leadership in their professional or personal lives.
  • Is there a cost for membership?
    Yes, membership dues are paid on a monthly basis. Membership dues cover workshop expenses, digital and print resources, and members-only activities. Conferences and events fees are not included in the monthly membership, however we provide members-only discounts to help offset the cost of attendance.
  • Can I network at events?
    We create environments where women leaders can deepen their relationship with each other beyond professional contacts. We encourage relationship-building and support women growing together and learning leadership in community.
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