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Support our mission to equip the next generation of faith-driven leaders

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By donating to our mission, you play a vital role in equipping women with the leadership skills and Biblical wisdom they need to uplift their communities and have a positive impact on others. Your support extends far beyond financial contributions; it enhances potential, fosters growth, and impacts future generations. Join us in our commitment to develop women leaders who are prepared and equipped to lead with Christ at the center of their lives and leadership. Together, we can change the world—one leader at a time.

Your Donation Helps Us...

Accomplish Our Mission

Your donation helps us to accomplish our mission and ensures that every woman has the opportunity to grow, lead, and inspire others in her community.

Amplify Our Impact

With your support, we can reach more women globally, offering them access to our comprehensive digital courses and community training, regardless of their location or financial situation.

Develop Training & Resources

Your generous donation ensures that we can continue to innovate and adapt our programs, which enables us to respond to the changing needs of women leaders everywhere.

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Interactive and

tailored training

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Digital and print


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