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Discover testimonies of faith-driven leaders

who are making a significant impact in
their communities and beyond.

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Mikayla Newton

Journalist, Nonprofit Founder, & Author

Empowering the Next Generation: Faith and Leadership in Journalism

Mikayla Newton embodies the essence of faith-based leadership by empowering the next generation of journalists. Mikayla's experience of moving away from her family and everything she knew in Georgia, led to starting over in an unknown place. “Having to start over in a new place where I didn't know anyone, there were a lot of adjustments I had to make,” said Mikayla. She advises Christian women to maintain patience through seasons of transition and to trust God's timing. “I would tell Christian women to have faith that everything will be alright in the end, and sometimes you have a waiting season and you have to remain patient.”

For Mikayla, leadership is about being a positive guide for others. “Leadership to me is allowing people to follow in your footsteps, but being able to guide them in a positive way.” This vision of leadership was brought to life through her nonprofit, The Mikayla Newton Foundation, established in 2021, with a mission to provide mentorship and resources for young, aspiring journalists. “Before 2021, it was only a vision, and now it is a reality,” she said. Mikayla's leadership extends beyond her own career achievements to support the next generation of journalists.

Mikayla Newton's story is a powerful reminder that true leadership is about more than just leading the way—it's about lifting others up as you go.

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Bella Kauffman

Writer & Missionary

True Servant Leadership for Women Leaders of All Ages

Bella Kauffman is a leader whose wisdom surpasses her years. Discovering her gift for writing as a teenager, she became the leader of a magazine for young ladies, managing a team of 12 editors, writers, and graphic designers. Later, she published books for teen girls focused on living for God in their youth. “I wanted to use the leadership and influence I had been blessed with to encourage and point others back to Jesus,” Bella says.

At 19, she co-launched a writing coaching business, guiding aspiring young writers on their path to publication. The trajectory of her leadership continued upward, and by the age of 21, she became a youth pastor, overseeing both youth leaders and teenagers in her community.

Bella currently serves as the CIA Training and Development Coordinator for Joy El Ministries, a released time Bible program that allows middle school students in public schools to hear the gospel, some for the first time. In this role, she writes the curriculum, trains over 100 volunteers, expands outreach to new schools, and raises funds to support her ministry.

Despite her success, the path to leadership hasn't been without challenges. Her young age emerged as a significant hurdle in her early years. “I would encourage [others] with this verse: “Don’t let anyone think less of you because you are young. Be an example to all believers in what you say, in the way you live, in your love, your faith, and your purity. (1 Timothy 4:12),” says Bella. Through moments of self-doubt, she has learned to rely on God's strength working through her weaknesses. “So many times throughout my journey of leadership I have felt unqualified for the task. And every time, in my weaknesses, God’s strength works through me. (2 Corinthians 12:8-10),” Bella shares.

Reflecting on her experience in ministry leadership, Bella encourages other women to remember why and who they are serving. “Serving in leadership, especially ministry leadership, is not easy. To follow the calling of God, you will almost surely face challenges, uncertainty, and opposition,” says Bella. “Hold fast to His promises and His calling. Follow Him. To follow His example of leadership is to serve (John 13:1-17). So serve well for His glory.”

Amidst her various roles and responsibilities, Bella is working on a project that brings immense joy – writing a new book. After a four-year hiatus from writing, she senses a calling to share the story God has laid on her heart. “I believe it’s time to break my silence and write the story God has given me to share,” says Bella.

Through her unwavering dedication, Bella continues to inspire others to follow their calling and serve with purpose, proving that age is no barrier to impactful leadership.

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Min Guo

Social Science Analyst

Perserverance & Prayer To Overcome Challenging Circumstances

Min Guo once believed extensive preparation through reading books and mastering skills was required before stepping into leadership. However, multiple challenges in life taught her that different situations can push us to into a leadership role, especially during a crises. Now, Min views leadership as a daily practice of presenting her best self and being kind, intentional, positive, and compassionate in all of her interactions. "We must first be the leader in our own lives, then we can be a positive influence in other people’s life,” Min says.


Feeling stagnant in her previous role for two years, Min struggled with anxiety over how to change her circumstances. When a colleague mentioned a new opportunity, it seemed like a long shot but Min took a courageous step. Although she was initially denied, Min refused to give up without giving her best effort. She turned to prayer, sought advice, and tirelessly advocated for herself. She eventually secured the position that significantly altered her life's direction. "We will never know how important a small decision in our life could have a significant consequence later, so never let go of any opportunity that would possibly change the situation and try the best you can. God will pave the way for us if it is meant to be," she reflects.


Min offers key advice to women who are married, or may have experienced divorce, for how to build a sustainable community. “Build your own support network that is separate from the one that relates to your significant other is critical so you can still count on the support from the people on your side, in your career and life, even if your relationship ends,” she advises. This ensures reliable support in both personal and professional spheres regardless of relationship status.


Outside of her professional goals, Min has embraced new hobbies, including learning the violin and K-pop dances. “As a lifelong late bloomer, doing things on my pace and finding meaning from it makes every day a new adventure!”

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Autumn Tucker

Independent Sales Director

Leading By Example To Inspire Future Leaders in the Beauty Industry

For Autumn Tucker, leadership is part of her everyday life. As an Independent Sales Director with Mary Kay, Autumn has embraced the importance of leading by example. Mary Kay Ash said, “Leaders lead by example, example, example,” which taught her that leadership is about showing others how to do it and then letting them choose whether to follow. What distinguishes Autumn is having a leadership approach deeply rooted in the example of Jesus Christ. “He said “Follow me” to His followers and hand-picked them,” Autumn explains, “so that is what I do and ask them to follow, but the choice is theirs.”


Autumn’s journey, marked by self-doubt and a quest for perfection, mirrors the challenges many face in the workplace. “Insecurity and people-pleasing are usually my struggles. Not feeling like I can do the job right or perfect, or that I let others down, or that people don’t like me,” Autumn said. However, guidance from trusted mentors has provided her with necessary direction. “I have had many mentors tell me to stay in my own lane. When I did what I do best...I always accomplished what He called me to. When I tried to do it my way, or someone else’s way, it always took me way off track! Keep your eyes on Christ. He will guide you!”


Autumn advises other women in the beauty industry to approach new people with confidence. By doing so, they can plant or sometimes water a seed, which God can cultivate into something new and beautiful in their business or lives. “You never know who is watching and who needs permission to invest in themselves, or take a risk to try something new!”


As she continues to lead and mentor, Autumn is particularly excited about building other leaders and witnessing their growth and success. Autumn looks forward to inspiring and encouraging women who not only pursue professional growth but also prioritize spiritual development. “God is so good and faithful to bring me women of integrity, full of love and grace and leaders in the community! So blessed to be a part of such an amazing group of women!”

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