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Digital and print resources designed to help you grow in your faith as you lead others

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Our versatile guides cater to diverse learning styles, offering options for both individual and group use. Each guide provides instructions and actionable plans. Downloadable PDFs ensure convenient access anytime, anywhere, on any device.

Girl with Her Dog


Promoting Work/Life Balance as an Organizational Priority

Speaking at Conference


Timeless Techniques for Effective Communication



Cultivating a Professional Network

Life coaching


Communicating Boundaries in Leadership


Explore faith-based leadership and management through our insightful articles. Designed for women who want quick, up-to-date leadership insights.

One Pagers

Our downloadable one-pagers offer quick, user-friendly "how to" info sheets, grounded in the latest leadership research. Ideal for both seasoned leaders and newcomers, accessible as downloadable PDFs.

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