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Faith Driven Leadership Development


Lead With Purpose

Our mission is to help women fulfill their call to leadership by providing training and resources on faith-based leadership. We prioritize building a supportive community where faith and professional development are equally encouraged.


Christ as the cornerstone
of your life and your leadership

Ephesians 2:20 reminds us that Christ himself is the cornerstone upon which our faith is built. When we read that Christ is the cornerstone, that means Jesus is the solid and sure foundation of our lives. But what does this look like in our leadership? How can we align our character, our words, and our actions with God’s word and the faith that we profess as we lead others?

Aligning your faith and your leadership can be challenging. That’s why we’ve created a training program for emerging leaders that specializes in leadership training and development – allowing you to strengthen your faith while driving impact.

We will empower you to lead with unwavering conviction, integrity, and grace, as you become a beacon of God's love and truth to those you serve.


Designed by Christian Women for Christian Women

Designed with the modern woman in mind, we provide easily accessible and affordable resources for leadership development that fits your busy lifestyle.

"When women of faith can lean into God's word and form trusting relationships with other women leaders, the sky is the limit."

~Workshop Participant, Hagerstown, MD

Learn In Community

Learn core competencies for effective leadership within a community of Christian women leaders.

Strengthen Your Faith

Deepen your faith and gain comprehensive knowledge of biblical leadership from our bible-based curriculum.

Advance Your Career

Accomplish your goals without compromising your beliefs or values.

Christian leadership coaches, certified by accredited programs, who provide you with support anytime, anywhere. We offer virtual coaching for leaders seeking personalized guidance, tailored to your needs and goals.

What We Offer
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Experience the fusion of Bible study and leadership development training. Led by seasoned Bible teachers and ministers, our workshops empower you to excel in contemporary leadership.

Explore our digital and print resources featuring expert insights to empower women in leadership with informative, inspirational content that deepens Bible knowledge and boosts confidence.

Design Book

Download Our FREE Guidebook

Access your first of many online resources: “Navigating Conflict with Grace: A Guidebook for Women Leaders”

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Start Your Journey to Faith-Driven Leadership 

Join us in this extraordinary journey. Become a part of our community, where like-minded women are already discovering the incredible integration of faith and leadership. 

With Cornerstone for Women Leaders, you will go from being unsure about how your faith and leadership intersect to having clarity about your identity as a faith-driven leader, finding deeper fulfillment with you work, and being equipped to accomplish your goals without having to compromise on your values.


We are excited to help you become a confident and effective leader with Christ as your cornerstone—the steady and sure foundation for your life and your leadership. 

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