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New Leadership Series:
Breaking Barriers
Leading Boldly!


Cornerstone for Women Leaders introduces “Breaking Barriers, Leading Boldly,” a leadership intensive tailored for coordinators, managers, supervisors, and directors hosted at the Workforce Solutions and Continuing Education Division within Hagerstown Community College.

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9:30AM -12:30PM

The Art of Influence: Values-driven Leadership


Rooted in the belief that leadership is most impactful when guided by a commitment to ethics, morals, and the common good, this course provides a unique space for women to explore and develop their leadership skillset.



Breaking Barriers in Male-dominated Industries

Students will gain strategies to overcome gender-related barriers and thrive in their role as a leader. From finding your voice to overcoming imposter syndrome, fostering a supportive network, and overcoming self-doubt and perfectionism, this course equips women with the tools and confidence needed to lead authentically in male-dominated industries.



Me Time: Managing Self and Service As You Lead Others

Recognizing the diverse personal, professional, and familial priorities faced by leaders, students learn to manage self-care, emotional well-being, and mental health.



Leading the Clock: Strategic Scheduling & Time Management

This comprehensive course equips students with a robust toolkit for reclaiming control over the 24 hours they are given each day. Students will learn to craft strategic schedules, prioritize tasks effectively, and leverage tools that optimize productivity.



Leading with Integrity: Ethical Decision-making

This course is a catalyst for cultivating leaders who not only excel professionally but also uphold the highest standards of ethical conduct. It empowers women leaders with the skills and insights needed to navigate complex ethical dilemmas and make principled decisions under pressure.



Financial Stewardship for Organizational Success

Unlike other financial literacy courses, this class emphasizes not only the value of astute financial decision-making, but also the collaborative strength of a passionate team in executing visionary plans. We will explore the critical role of financial management in leadership, including learning to collaborate with financial experts, delegate responsibilities while maintaining oversight, and navigate complex budgets and financial priorities.

What Students Receive


Each course includes in-person instruction, a moderated panel of local women leaders, and tailored action plans.

Virtual Coaching

Each student is matched with an accredited and experienced virtual coach who provides individualized guidance.

Digital & Print Resources

Digital and print resources based on the latest leadership research to help students throughout the series and beyond.

Meet Our Training Team

Expertise. Dedication. Passion.

Our training team is eager to collaborate with students in an encouraging learning environment dedicated to your personal and professional development.

The "Breaking Barriers, Leading Boldly" training would not be possible without the generous support of local sponsors.

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